Payroll Services

Sometimes, processing of employees’ payroll can be too complex, time consuming, and tedious for the employers. There are many things that should be considered such as employees’ taxes, monthly compliances with different government agencies, monitoring of employees’ sick leaves and vacation leaves, as well as other routine tasks. These tasks can divert the attention of the management from the business essentials. To resolve this, many companies today resort to payroll outsourcing.

Outsourcing payroll services is highly recommended when the company has limited number of staff. Having a vendor to do this service will give more chance for the employees to focus on more essential things in business process.

RRU offers payroll services to different clients from various industries. Aside from the computation, we also do tax-related matters. As payroll also covers taxes on employees’ compensation, outsourcing your payroll to a team of knowledgeable accountants will give you assurance that those taxes are properly complied with. It is also a time-saving and cost-saving strategy because we will be the one to accomplish these administrative tasks for you.

The following are our payroll services:

  • Monthly payroll preparation and distribution
  • Printing and distribution of pay slip as a form of acknowledgment
  • Vacation/sick leave and loans monitoring
  • Other non-routine services