Computerization of Accounting Records & Financial Reporting

A computerized accounting system can aid an organization, particularly finance department staff, in performing its responsibilities efficiently and effectively. It can speed up document processing quicker than having the process than manually, and it also minimizes room for errors. Aside from speed and accuracy, it also provides a real-time state of the company’s financial information. Thus, records are always available and are kept neat, up-to-date, and accurate.

Providing the top management with internal financial information is the backbone of our providing computerization of accounting records and financial reporting. RRU has software that helps small and medium enterprises set its finances in proper perspective. This software helps the company’s management in its analysis and evaluation of business operations. It can also be used as a basis for planning, projection, and budget. Our bottomline is to assist companies in the timely release of its monthly financial statements.

Before the installation of a computerized accounting system, we conduct a survey to the organization to understand its business process. We also identify the proper staff to be trained when the system was put in so that the company will become independent of running it in the future.

Our scope of services covers the following accounting areas:

  • Accounts receivable and revenue accounting
  • Cash accounting, collections, and deposits
  • Disbursement, accounts payables, and purchase
  • Financial reporting systems