With today’s economic environment, tracking the financial movement of the company is very important for a business. The quantitative information that proper accounting provides can help any organization run smoothly and secure its position in the market. However, hiring employees to do accounting works can increase overhead costs of the company and divert the management attention from its core priorities. That is why many companies today resort to more economical solution: outsourced accounting.

RRU Management Reporting Inc.(RRUM) has been of service to different industries for years. RRUM is an Alas Oplas Alliance Firm.

Choosing us as your service provider can be beneficial to your company. First, by outsourcing your accounting to us, you will have more time to focus on your core business and off-load the non-core functions. This way, you can increase your customer satisfaction by having more time to focus on improving your products and/or services.

Second, we adhere to the principle of providing quality services. Our staff is consisted of graduate professionals, all Certified Public Accountants, with experience in handling clients of different industries. We are time-oriented with deadlines; we recognize the value of timely information in your business process. We have affiliated companies that provide payroll and accounting software and audit services and this helps us in providing clients with value-added services.

Last, outsourcing your accounting is an economic decision to minimize your cost. Why bother allocating high cost for an accountant's salary when we can provide you the same or better service at a reasonable price?